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Sri Sai Prasanthi E.M. School (SSPS) carries out its function with the help of donations it receives each year. Our determined members acquire donations from people and organisations who want to empower children by focusing on their development through education and more.

The operating cost of our institution helps us to provide these kids with books, clothes, uniform, food, and any other type of support which they need from us. Going through this section will help one to get the details about our school’s running cost.

School and building maintenance

We do have a big property to maintain on a daily basis. From fields to buildings, we maintain these and keep it running by donations we receive from like-minded people. It is our job to maintain these so that our children can study and have a healthy environment.

We have to spend around $8,000 USD every year to maintain such a huge place. It is quite a massive amount which is collected by our members along with our primary fundraiser and coordinator Gaia Star. Donations from Indians and foreigners help us to meet all the basic needs of these children.

What is maintained by this money?

Only the buildings and facilities present are maintained by the costs mentioned above. With this amount, we maintain solar water purifier for which our children get to drink safe water, eco-friendly and self-sustainable buildings, rainwater harvesting roofs and its systems, are some of the things which require regular maintenance.

Also, different filtering systems, gardens, etc. are also maintained using a part of this sum of money. Hence, we have to be very careful to utilise the donated money efficiently.

Cost of maintaining children

The cost of maintaining one child every month is Rs.1,800 (INR). So, if we multiply this number with 12, then the cost of maintaining one child per years equals Rs. 21,600 (INR). This amount consists of free schooling as well as free food, clothing, uniform, and more. Currently, we have over 175 students to whom we are providing the service.

However, with passing time, this cost per head is increasing as the price of everything around is significantly rising. Hence, we are hoping to collect more donations from people so that we can operate smoothly and help these children. We look forward to you to join our initiative and help us carry on this noble cause for these children.
Dissecting of Cost of One Child:

Per Day: 60 Rupees

Per Month (30 Days): 60 X 30 = 1,800 Rupees

Per Year (365 Days) : 60 X 365 = 21,900 Rupees

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Per Day: 1 USD

Per Month (30 Days): 1 X 30 = 30 USD

Per Year (365 Days) : 1 X 365 = 365 USD

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Per Day: 0.9 EURO

Per Month (30 Days): 0.9 X 30 = 27 EURO

Per Year (365 Days) : 0.9 X 365 = 326 EURO

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