When we saw the number of children being deprived of the basic necessities such as food, clothing, education, etc. we made up our mind to help them in every way possible. After all, every child has the right to all the necessary amenities.

They too have the right to dream of becoming engineers, doctors, teachers, and more. To fulfill all of their dreams and provide them with a better life we set up our project Sri Sai Prasanthi E.M. School.

Take a look at our project in detail!

Setting up the building

While setting up the building, we thought about not just how it would be helpful to children but also, how it would be beneficial to the environment. Hence, our architect designed a completely self-sustainable building. To do this, we made an entire lot of compressed stabilized structure/blocks.

We also did a soil testing which led us to the conclusion that we should use earth 5% cement and sand and compress them inside a machine that produces 5 different brick sizes. Moreover, when we laid the foundation, we utilized organic insecticide, which eliminates the problem of ever having insects or termites.

Our school won an award: first price in institutional building for re-think the future organisation

Customized solar water purifier

Water is essential for all life form!

Thus, we opted for a custom made solar water purifier that makes drinking water safe for all. This design stored well water and purified it from every type of fluoride, virus, and bacteria. This is what makes the water safe for drinking especially for all the children here. We do use this purified water for drinking and cooking purposes. It produces pure water a maximum of 1500 litres daily.

This purification is required as water in surrounding areas have a large fluorite concentration, which leads to health issues such as brittle bones. Moreover, this machine has dual usage. It prefers solar power. In addition, a backup automatically shuts off power grid when no sunlight is available.

The benefits of using this system we have found that the children have been drinking much more water daily.

Rainwater harvesting

Since every person around this area understands the value of water, we have made roof designs, which assist in collecting ample rainwater. The total amount of harvested water is transferred through pipes and is cleaned using sand filters and pebbles.

After it's cleaned, the entire stock is stored in a 35,000-liter tank which was built under this building's kitchen floor.

The benefits of storing this water gives us extra water for gardening, washing, and toilet purposes.

This is just the start of our vision. We want our project to grow even larger and hopefully, we can help more children.


Since we put in the water filter the children are drinking more water each day.

So wonderful to have good water for their health.

Introduced solar hot water system to serve the kitchen needs.
"Love my filter water, Tastes so good".