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There is only one primary goal of our organization - to impart educational knowledge to the unprivileged children who don't always get an opportunity in their life. Through our programs, not only education we also teach them to be a good human being. This is why we offer not just bookish knowledge, but also extra-curricular activities for them to balance their life.

Our Mission

One of the major tasks we perform in this organization is offering free education to all. We believe that only through education we can help these kids do something meaningful with their lives. Also, literacy is the right of every individual child. Hence, we try to make sure that each child receives the best possible help for a better educational career. We offer them textbooks and other accessories that would help them to get quality education along with efficient teachers who will guide them confidently.

Our vision

Our goal is to create a model school with free education so it can be implemented in all parts of India. This would help children deprived of such necessities and give them a place to go and learn everything that they need to become established in their lives.

In the coming future, we are looking forward to more volunteers and donors who would take up our initiative and help us to reach our goals.

Hopefully, you all will lend us a helping hand in making this noble dream a reality. United we can overcome all the difficulties and make children much happier in INDIA. We are eagerly looking forward to your support.