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We are Sri Sai Prasanthi E.M. School (SSPS) that offers food, clothing, education, and more to unprivileged children who are in Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh. We started our journey eight years back and have not looked back since then. We started with just a handful of children. However, now we have more than 200 children who attend this school free of cost.

How are we helping?

Like we mentioned before, we offer free education to these kids who are not fortunate enough to pay for schools. However, this is not the only aspect of our organization.

Professionals offering service

Currently, several people are offering their time and service to all the children in different aspects.

Renate is another person who loves all of the children and offers her expertise on plants. She is from Austria who teaches kids about growing plants as well as making the environment a better place to live. She has dedicated her life to helping these children along with helping Mother Nature in any way she can. With her assistance, students with the help of some of the staff maintain organic garden, which provides many herbs such as mint, spinach, coriander, and certain vegetables.

Anna is another volunteer who has dedicated all of her time to teach these kids Bhajans and Vedas twice every week. She is the reason our children gain knowledge of the old scriptures and culture of our country.

Kamal and his devoted family from Bangalore, India supplies protein powder, parathas (400) and some essential materials for school every month.

We have individuals all over the world including India who gives continuous donations for our project.

About the school

With donations from various organizations and individuals, we have been able to:

Build the school building, which is entirely eco self-sustainable.
Beautiful dome for our spiritual and extra activities.
Customized solar water purifier helps in eliminating virus, bacteria, and fluorides.
Also, the roof was made to harvest rainwater. The water is later cleansed and stored in a tank of 35,000 litres.
Three playgrounds.
10 separate Toilets for boys and girls.
Lands to grow organic vegetables and fruits.

All these above help us to offer a better life and support for these children.