As our story continues with our school I like to share what we offer the children apart from Education. It took us awhile to get the foundation of organising teachers, staff and children over the years. When we achieved this we realised that the children need some physical exercise. We organised teachers for Indian Dancing three times a week.
Tae Kwon Do Classes twice a week. Volleyball and Swimming classes as well.
Every morning they learn the Vedic chants and sing Devotion songs.
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Current situation

Through the acquired donations, across the last 8 years, a self-sustainable building was created. Now, it nurtures over 200 children and provides them with food, uniform, education, and support in every possible way. Moreover, we encourage our scholars here to take part in various activities that would aid in their overall development. At present, the activities offered to these kids include swimming, dancing, taekwondo, computers, crafts and many more.

Our focus is to become a green initiative. This would not only help children learn essential aspects for future of India but also ensure that our efforts will be in balance with nature. This is a concept we keep in mind when educating these children along with everyone else who interacts with our school. We feel being eco-friendly environment helps the children to enjoy learning in all aspects.

Additionally, we celebrate different festivals and events to provide a sense of cultural knowledge. From Diwali to Independence Day, Children's Day, and more, our main motto is to spread happiness through such festivities. These celebrations are meant not only for their entertainment but also for their cultural enrichment. We also give children the opportunity to learn the ancient teachings of India through Vedic chants and Bhajans.

Future plans

Now, we are looking forward to more individuals taking part in this initiative so that we can manifest our future goals for the children (Adding 8,9,10 classes). We need more people to join our school through donations and voluntary work to help these children to have a good life. The situation in Puttaparthi now, Education is getting very expensive for these families. So by supplying our service to the children and parent it helps the society. To provide free service to the Society we need your support.

Through our initiative, we want to help not just these children but to be an example and role model for India. We know that all of us coming together to help these children we will fulfill this dream.