Our dream was to create a school that would help unprivileged children to receive the necessary education to do something remarkable with their lives. Hence, we began to work on this aspect and went through various approaches and planning to bring in enough donations to take a step closer to our dream.

In the beginning, we planned to purchase rural land for our Sri Sai Prasanthi School's building. We aimed to educate underprivileged child who are living in Puttaparthi's surrounding villages.

We wanted to create a green environment for all the children, along with providing them free education, books, food, clothing, etc. whatever is necessary for their basic amenities.

Thankfully, we received quite a considerable donation from foreigniers as well as Indian people who aided us to buy the land in 2009 where our school is located presently. We also found a source of water which became quite useful. Moreover, with leftover donations after purchasing the land, we were able to utilize it by building a compound fence that assisted in securing the plot. This was the start of our dream.
Moving forward (2009-2012)

With more donations from loving and caring people, we were able to build 3 classrooms along with two toilets. This was our first step towards the project that started with 3 teachers who managed 70 students regularly.

In this phase, we understood that we would require a building with more classrooms in the coming years to fulfill the need for society.

Essential expansion (2012-2014)

We put this proposal forward, and our donors offered us their complete support. It helped us hire an architect from Bangalore who designed a building. The building is self-sustainable and can educate at least 250 children.

However, it took us around 2 years to raise the required funds and then within the next one an half years, our new 10,000 square foot building was complete. We moved our classrooms to this building, and the previous three classes were converted to be used efficiently as a reception area, storeroom and office.


Steadily, we started realizing that more and more parents and children required our services.

Beginning in 2014, we had 150, and in 2015 it rose to more than 200 students.

To educate all, we had to turn back the first room built into a classroom again.

  1. Our plan involves building 4 new classrooms in the present building’s top floor.
  2. Again we found there is a need to do 8, 9 and 10 classes for these children, so they can complete their High School Education.
We are looking forward for more donations from people and organizations to meet the increased expenditure. It will help us convert this dream into reality.
Government Gift

The Government has given us 1.5 acres adjoining the school grounds. With this land we would like to have a plantation with the Moringa Tree ( miracle tree) and sell the powder and help to provide income for the school.